Folksongs 2

CD-Cover / East Drives Album Folksongs 2, VÖ 2013 bei Neuklang
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Strong compositions, intuitive playing, fascinating groove: Folksongs 2 is the enthralling follow-up of their debut album Folksongs. As the title may suggest it’s a consistent continuation of East Drive’s unique style. With vocalist Tamara Lukasheva and (like in their first album) pianist Olivia Trummer, East Drive have invited two of the most oustanding voices of the young European jazz scene for this production. Eastern heritage, global roots.

Released at Neuklang in 02/2013

Vitaliy Zolotov – git
Philipp Bardenberg -bass
Bodek Janke – drums, perc, tabla

Olivia Trummer – piano
Tamara Lukasheva – voc

Album Review

Egal was diese Band anfasst - hier seien ausdrücklich alle Beteiligten eingeschlossen -, alles verfugt sich wunderbar zu feinsinnig-pittoresken und geschmackvollen Klanglandschaften, die voller Leben sind. Großartig!
- Jazz Podium 03/13