CD-Cover / East Drives Album Folksongs, VÖ 2011 bei Neuklang
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Folksongs is a debut album of striking freshness and spontaneity, recorded by three long-standing friends and musical partners Vitaliy Zolotov, Philipp Bardenberg and Bodek Janke. You get hints of East Drive’s Eastern-European roots in many nuances, but that heritage is never overemphasized or becoming a world-music cliché; they rather stay true to their original nature: Jazz.

The wonderfully talented Olivia Trummer is an invited guest, who completed the synergy of the power trio beautifully, with both her lyrical piano playing and her crystal clear voice.

Released at Neuklang in 2011.

Vitaliy Zolotov – git
Philipp Bardenberg – bass
Bodek Janke – drums, perc, tabla
Olivia Trummer – piano, voc

Album Review

East Drive ist eine spannende Gruppe, und ihr Debüt ist es auch.
- Jazz Podium 06/11